Awaken your

creative genius.

Imagine your organization firing on all cylinders and showing up with its absolute best – creativity, insights, focus, and passion. 

This is the awakening of our creative genius!


Awakening Creative Genius

Awake at Work™ equips organizations and the people working within them to realize their innate genius and become more engaged, creative and connected.


About Awake at Work
Awake at Work™ Genius Rx

Our Genius Rx

What genius wants to emerge?
What is in the way?
What is the breakthrough experience?


Creative Genius Capacities

Our clients report outstanding results:


Increase in sufficient time to think, innovate, work, and plan


Increased ability to be proactive instead of reactive


Increase in ability to support others to accomplish better results

We listen to your organization’s strategic intentions, culture and untapped potential and create engagements aligned with your needs and aspirations


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