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We love our clients and our clients love us. Really, this is true when we come together to initiate and steward a shared mission. We bring ourselves whole-heartedly to each engagement. Our clients refer to us as their partners, their allies and their key supporters. We know that we are better together and we work interdependently as we fulfill our mission of serving the highest good. This makes our work together heart-full, mindful and fun.

Our clients report outstanding results:


Increased ability to focus on the task at hand


Increased well-being (WEMWB Scale)


Increased engagement with work and team


Increased ability to have quality interactions with colleagues


Increase in sufficient time to think, innovate, work, and plan


Increased ability to be proactive instead of reactive


Increase in ability to support others to accomplish better results


Increased ability to accomplish work within the workday

After 5 years and more than 35 cohorts, our clients experience and report (through both quantitative and qualitative measurements) powerful benefits for their organizations and employees:

  • Flow under fire – tapping into creative genius even in times of pressure, crisis and challenge
  • Energized employee engagement and empowered collaboration
  • Greater mental clarity, focus, agility, and follow-through
  • Increased insight, creativity and the development of a growth mindset
  • Deeper relational and emotional intelligence and strengthened relationships with colleagues, spouses and children
  • Increased sense of happiness and wellbeing with a renewed desire and capacity to thrive

“Amazing. From everything I have learned at work, from the engineering skills I have acquired, the work I have done and the trainings I have taken…the mindfulness sessions and the retreat have most increased my skills, my creativity and my ability to focus on all aspects of my life.”


Innovation Engineer

“The Awake at Work program has improved my ability to respond with purposefulness and grace in stressful interpersonal situations inside and outside the workplace.”


Organizational Initiatives

“The Awake at Work program gave me the ability throughout the week to be more mindful of how I treat other people and how I react to situations. I am now more aware of how my behavior influences other people’s behavior and am more of a coach versus a boss. The outcomes are more positive — I understand my team by being present and listening. Before this program, I was short tempered and demanding”.



“When I am in meetings I am now able to be present and aware of what other people are experiencing. I notice when people are disconnected and help us re-focus on the common vision and intention. I am able to attune to and resonate with people through the mindfulness practices I learned in the Awake at Work program.”


Finance Specialist

“The biggest impact was the centering, relaxation techniques during the meditations. This enabled my mind to both clear and focus while gaining the benefit of lowering my blood pressure. This has had a profound effect on my productivity and ability to think as well as boosting my mental state.”


HR Development

“Thank you for changing my life!!!”



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