We ignite a culture of creative genius.

We ignite a culture of creative genius by cultivating the presence, vitality, insight, and courage that lead to engagement, innovation and focus. When you discover and align with your innate genius, then enlivened relationships, sustained resilience, and uninterrupted, inspired flow become natural and expected. It’s from this place and space that we create exceptional outcomes – outcomes like increased employee engagement and well-being and new access to insights that lead to creativity and breakthroughs. We’re your committed partners in awakening your organization’s collective genius.

Anakha Coman

Founder, Facilitator and Collective Genius Initiator

I live to see people connect with their genius, remember who and why they are and come fully alive together where 1+1=WOW! My genius shines when I am waking people and organizations from the life-constricting trance of never enough bringing them into the realm of greater purpose, creativity, connection and flow.  I am here to bring about a renaissance where the workplace becomes a living crucible for the alchemy of cultural creative genius to be freed and flourishing. Career history and credentials

Antje Schaefer

Facilitator and Somatic Coach

I believe that community and self-cultivation are the cure for just about anything – together they are the recipe for thriving individuals and a thriving organization. I come alive when co-creating environments and experiences that uplift everyone through people, presence and play, where we bring forth what is true and essential. I live for authentic connection, co-creation, joyful collaboration, and mutual support that make living our genius together possible. Career history and credentials

Kate Steele

Facilitator, Culture Consultant and Certified Coach

I love supporting people in discovering their natural state as human beings – peace, love, joy, and complete well-being. I thrive when I am creating communities and supportive environments where people connect authentically and vulnerably with themselves and each other.  My genius shines when I am cultivating an environment of trust and openness where my clients feel safe and supported in making empowering shifts in their personal and professional lives. Career history and credentials

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