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This Moment Matters

We live in a state of what has been called “continuous partial attention.” If we’re not careful, our attention is under fire from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. When your attention is pulled in so many directions–all the time–it’s hard to know...

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We Rise By Lifting Others

We are at our best in our relationships when we support one another to thrive and express our unique intelligence and creative genius.  We have a choice in every interaction to either follow the status quo of competition and comparison or to tune and listen for how we...

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You Are the Dynamic Innovation!

This week’s Awake at Work micropractice “You Are the Dynamic Innovation” brings your attention to the creative impulse of life that is alive and moving in this moment.  It reels your focus in from past patterns and a fixed future and places you in the exhilarating and...

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Move from Your Center

This week’s Awake at Work micropractice “Move from Your Center” helps you return to and strengthen your connection to your personal center of gravity.  You know what it feels like to feel off center, out of sorts and disconnected right?  The good news is that it takes...

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Improve the Moment

This week’s Awake at Work micropractice “Improve the Moment” sets you in motion to improve your world one moment, one interaction, one thought at a time.  When you change your focus from what’s not working to what is working a dramatic shift can take place.  It can be...

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Trust Life

This week’s Awake at Work micropractice “Trust Life” whispers to you that all is well, in all matters of your life and living…all is well.  Take the foot off the brake, let yourself go, let yourself be.  Show up fully in the dance of life.  Step into the arena. ...

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