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Be the Commander of YOU!

I woke up this morning feeling the pull of emotions and thoughts…some benign although distracted and others travelling the deep groove of well-worn territory. Uselessness. Sadness. Shame. I could hear their siren calls attempting to lull me to sleep offering myself up...

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Trust Life

The difference between a life lived in fear and one sourced in a deeper trust is as wide as the Grand Canyon. And yet, we can shift out of fear and into trust in a moment with a mindful pause. We can exercise our choice to feel connected to life’s deeper movements and...

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Let Go, Let Be, Let Come

This week’s Awake at Work micropractice “Let Go, Let Be, Let Come” invites us to let go of our fixed idea on what should be and to enter more deeply into accepting what is and embracing what is seeking to emerge. It requires a radical trust in life and in our capacity...

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