Embody Your Feminine Intelligence ~ Join Us for the Journey This January!

by | Dec 15, 2017

What would it be like to fully embody your wisdom, voice, love, power, creativity and sovereignty? What would become possible if you released the shame of your brilliant, shining feminine presence and came out of hiding? What would be healed if you were received, appreciated, celebrated and loved as you came forward by a community of women devoted to your freedom as much as their own? What would change if you could step outside the systems that separate and oppress women and enter into a holy, wholly relationship with one another?

We are going to find out.

We invite ***YOU*** to join us for an 8-week exploration into the depth, power and beauty of your innate genius and feminine presence. On this journey we’ll guide you into a exploration of your genius working with the sacred arts along with the presence and support of a connected community. Within this container, the next and  truest expression of yourself will be invited and encouraged to emerge.  To reveal herself, to be seen and known and to come forward in full expression and celebration.

Intentions for the Journey:

  • Become aware of and unwind systemic and internalized oppression that keeps you from showing up and expressing yourself authentically and freely.
  • Learn (remember) how to be a consistent ally to other women, especially women of color.
  • Deepen and stabilize your embodiment and experience communion with your essential nature and breathing body.
  • Connect and align with your deep knowing and integrity.
  • Nourish and nurture your connection to your joyfully inspired soul mission.
  • Express yourself freely, clearly and naturally.

Weekly Activations and Empowerments:

Week One:  Embody Your Feminine Presence and Leadership
Invoke and initiate a space together for exploring, activating and freeing our individual and collective genius. Explore the unique and diverse ways feminine intelligence expresses and moves in each of us.  Get real with your mission for freedom and seek out the internalized oppression that keeps you complicit in upholding systems that deny, diminish and devalue feminine intelligence. Inquiry:  What is the biggest challenge you are facing in living a free and expressed life?

Week Two:  Reclaim Your Natural Intelligence
Connect with your native intelligence and primal wisdom. Differentiate your intuitive knowing from the conditioned mind. You are ready right at this moment to own your brilliance. Inquiry: How are you using your magic, your intuitive intelligence to help create and construct the future?

Week Three:  Author Your True Voice
Find your resonant voice that speaks wisdom and truth. You are not on this earth to be shut up or shut down.  Break the chains of staying nice, sweet and silent. Inquiry: What powerful, holy truths are you ready to speak out loud?

Week Four:  Deepen Your Love
Open to the fierceness and tenderness of your love and compassion. The greatest tool for disruption is love. Don’t settle. Be fucking brave. Inquiry: What does radical, sacred activism look like in your life?

Week Five:  Feel Your Power
Live your life from the place of your personal power and natural strength.  Have faith in your glory.  Your beauty. Your power to transform the world. Inquiry: What change are you intending to bring about using your strength and power?

Week Six:  Express Your Creativity
Reignite and fan your flame of creativity and erotic intelligence. Catch fire. That’s what you’re here to do. Inquiry: When did fear become more important than your fire?

Week Seven:  Own Your Sovereignty
Find your first true belonging. Inhabit your body and plant yourself in the solid ground of your sovereignty. Take up all the space you want and need. Inquiry: What can you do today to set yourself free from other’s expectations and rules?

Week Eight:  Live Your Truth…Celebrate Yourself!
Ground in the practices that support you deepening, expanding and anchoring this new found self. Ritualize the ongoing connection, stabilization and celebration of who you truly are. Inquiry:  How can you invite others in your life to join you on this journey to liberation?

Wednesdays, January 24th through March 14th — Live via Zoom

Group One:  For women in the midwest and on the east coast — 6:30-8:30 p.m. EST.
Group Two:  For women in mountain time and on the west coast — 6:30-8:30 p.m. PST.

Investment:  $555 for 8 Sessions and 1 Individual Coaching Session
Paypal: paypal.me/Anakha/200 ~ $200 Deposit Reserves Your Spot

Enrollment: If this touches something true in you, please message me on FB or at anakha@awakeatworkinstitute.com. We are inviting 16 women to journey with us live online in late January.  Sliding scale is available.

Each Session Includes:

  • Poem or Inspired Writing
  • Embodiment Practices
  • Feminine Leadership Empowerments
  • Essential Insights
  • Individual Sharing and Reflections
  • Love = Both Challenge and Support

Conveners and Guides for the Journey:  Anakha Coman and Antje Schaefer

Our Commitments for the Container:

  • We welcome and include everyone.
  • We take 100% personal responsibility for our experience — our thoughts, feelings, judgments, projections, needs, desires, hopes and fears.
  • We are each co-creators of the container and include ourselves and our full experience and expression.
  • We stand firm in the knowing that each woman’s innate and sovereign intelligence guides her unfolding and emergence.
  • We welcome all aspects and expressions — to name a few…the child self, wild self, wise self, judgmental, bossy, angry, magical self, and so on!) We acknowledge these aspects as essential guides that when seen, heard and honored, move us into wholeness
  • We honor ourselves and one another and the container.
  • We engage in the practice of being present with ourselves and each other.
  • We uphold and affirm that each woman holds a unique transmission of genius, giftedness and is on her soul’s mission. No matter what it looks like in the moment.
  • We honor each women’s genius and hold her as precious, enduring, essential, natural, connected and sovereign, vulnerable and whole.