Be the Commander of YOU!

by | Oct 17, 2017

I woke up this morning feeling the pull of emotions and thoughts…some benign although distracted and others travelling the deep groove of well-worn territory. Uselessness. Sadness. Shame. I could hear their siren calls attempting to lull me to sleep offering myself up to play victim to their ways.

In real world language that would mean – sleep in, skip my morning practice and walk around in a numbed down dumbed down hazy daze for a good part of the day. It would mean not showing up to be a leader, an active participant in my life and our life as it unfolds in this day.

How often does this happen for us? We fall into a familiar route that is not our own…asleep to our sovereignty in the moment and our inner power to chart a new path and to be the cause of something magnificent in our world…and in the lives that we touch.

This morning, as the sirens danced along the sidelines, I heard an inner voice: “command your presence.” Command my presence?! Hmmm…pause, feel, sense…take command of my presence. Don’t let who I am be hijacked by the sirens of seduction – fear, shame, guilt, worthlessness, despair. Get up. Find and feel and focus my attention and intention on the inner power of my own presence. Command the shame to breathe and loosen its grip. Command the fear to breathe. Command the mind to breathe.

And so…I got out of bed. I made the bed (woohoo). I sat in embodied meditation. I wrote. I commanded my Self. I commanded the sirens to breathe. And in minutes my presence grew and my intelligence sharpened and my heart softened and my power integrated.

This is available to all of us. All of the time. Our sovereign presence – power, love, voice and intelligence. Command it forward. Call it into your sovereignty. No need to bypass any thought or feeling. Give them space, command them to breathe. “I command fear to breathe back into my power. I command shame to breathe back into my love. I command despair to breathe back into my voice.”

Try it on. What happens for you? Share it with me if you like. I’d like to know. Be the gift of yourself. Be the magnificence of yourself. Be the commander of YOU! Go forth, breathe and be awesome today.

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