Dancing Beyond Our Comfort Zone!

by | Jun 30, 2016

“Forget Safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy Your Reputation. Be Notorious.”


As we step beyond our comfort zone, we step into greater capacities, discovering new frontiers within ourselves and within our relationships.  These frontiers are always waiting one step beyond what we currently know and where we currently feel most safe.  So how do we really leave behind the comfort of safety?  Rumi takes us to the edge and asks us to relinquish our attachment to our current identity. 

Practice: In this moment, feel what this might look like in your own life? Imagine and allow yourself to soften into this possibility using your whole body.

By necessity, to ‘be successful,’ we become so reliant on what we know, that it is easy to settle into our comfort zone; often because we aren’t even aware that we are stuck in some outdated patterns until life presents us with a challenge.  Can we consciously choose a life of adventure rather than comfort and feel the aliveness that comes when we allow rather than abandon ourselves to the dance of life and we surrender to a deeper current of innate intelligence that seeks to move through us unimpeded?

How can we let go into the flow state beyond the mind’s control?  Life gives us opportunities all the time and we need to cultivate an ability to notice them from a new place.  One simple way is noticing our mind’s habit when we hear someone offer up an idea.  Do we jump to thinking we know and listen from the place of “I know the answer” or “I’m right?”  Notice whenever we think we already know – that’s a good sign that there’s something inviting us to listen to the wisdom of another person. Rumi’s wisdom beckons us to a new kind of threshold.  In order to touch that next frontier, to become more of who we are meant to be as leaders, as employees, as parents, friends and partners, we must break through the glass ceiling of our comfort zone, and ultimately access the place where we can feel the aliveness as physical boldness moving through our bodies.  Boldness has genius!  We can recognize it most when we open ourselves up to the intelligence within our bodies; we can feel our roots begin to grow into the earth and a powerful stability can take over.  Since we contain 10 billion miles of DNA coils, this is a vastness that can be felt with our senses.  We can awaken an awareness of the shared intelligence that moves through everything.

Practice:  For a moment feel where your edges are and soften and relax. Forget the safety of who you think you are or the masks you are good at wearing, or the stories you have been telling yourself for so long you didn’t even realize they are just stories.

This is our breakthrough moment, and with a loving awareness, it all becomes an invitation into new territory.

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